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Also see the Mothering Special Edition Circumcision: The Rest of the Story. Jim Bigelow, PhD, is the author of the book The Joy of Uncircumcising. Restore Your Birthright and Maximize Sexual Pleasure () and founder of UNCIRC. Circumcision: The Rest of the Story Paperback – September 1, by Mothering Magazine (Author), Peggy O'Mara (Editor)5/5(1).

The book does compile some good information, but in the end ties itself into knots trying to justify routine circumcision of male infants. Thus you have subjective nonsense like this: “But comparing male circumcision to female circumcision is akin to comparing an ordinary carnivore to someone who tears a limb off a living animal to eat it.”4/4(25).

Today I have a special treat to share with you–an interview with a real live medical doctor (and urologist) who has become a driving force in the growing tide against routine infant circumcision.A mother of three intact children (two girls and a boy), Dr.

Carmack has also written a book detailing her journey from a mainstream “whatever floats your boat” attitude towards circumcision to. "Routine circumcision of babies in the United States did not begin until the Cold War era.

Circumcision is almost unheard of in Europe, Southern America, and non-Muslim Asia. In fact, only 10 to 15 percent of men throughout the Circumcision Mothering Specia book are circumcised." "The natural penis requires no special care.

There are special laws relating to the time of circumcision of a child born during twilight of the Sabbath or festival (–6). There was a talmudic disputation as to whether preparations for the operation that are forbidden on the Sabbath may be undertaken on that day, if.

If you have questions regarding the appropriateness of circumcision for your son or any questions regarding specific details of the process at our clinics, you may choose to first book a consultation for your son before you choose to book the circumcision. To arrange a consultation with our doctors please call   Second of all, if you are anti-circumcision, please do not be Circumcision Mothering Specia book and yell at me or others who are posting what they believe is in the best interest for their son's.

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With that in mind, I know that this topic is something that should be discussed between the mother and father of their soon-to-come son. Subsequent hospital care for the normal newborn is reported once per day with code Discharge services provided on a date subsequent to admission may be reported with code or The Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church (United States) names this day "The Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ", a Feast of the Lord.

Lutheran Church. Since it was a feast of Christ and related directly to Scriptural passages (notably Luke ), the Feast of Circumcision was retained by churches of the Lutheran Reformation. A number of books have been published on the history of circumcision.

Two very helpful ones are: Circumcision: A History of the World’s Most Controversial Surgery by David Gollaher. Gollaher is an award-winning history author and is a leader in several organizations at the forefront of medical and scientific research. The first explores circumcision in general and tells the story of my first experience with it as a nursing student, and how I counsel expectant parents now as a midwife.

To read it, click here. Julie (name changed for privacy) is a year-old mother of two boys, ages 11 and 7.

Her older son was circumcised, and her younger son was not. As my Rabbi explained it to me, a dunk in the mikvah was essential, but it would be extra special if there I had a bris (ritual circumcision), too.

I explained to my rabbi that my doctor had. UPDATE: I just want to thank you all for your stories and input and such a civil, non-judgemental presentation of your experiences.

Hopefully other mamas find this thread as helpful as I did. The genetic testing we had done due to prior losses has just revealed that we are having a. Circumcision: Selected full-text books and articles Marked in Your Flesh: Circumcision from Ancient Judea to Modern America By Leonard B.

Glick Oxford University Press, Read preview Overview. Circumcision is a standard procedure that will remove the foreskin from the head of the penis. There are different ways it can be done in adults, but. Circumcision performed using the Gomco clamp is usually quick and effective, and results in very little bleeding.

However, every clinician performing circumcision occasionally has concerns or. Male circumcision is defined as the partial or total surgical removal of the foreskin (also called prepuce), which is specialized tissue that covers the head (or glans) of the penis. The practice of circumcision has ancient origins, and continues today around the world for various religious and cultural reasons.

Less commonly, circumcision is sometimes done for health-related reasons. The circumcision ceremony Judaism and circumcision. Circumcision is an initiation rite for Jewish newborn babies.

This usually takes place in. Incomplete circumcision: More commonly, too little skin is removed (also called an incomplete circumcision), and there is redundant foreskin.

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When this occurs, the child may have a build up of normal skin cells, or smegma, underneath the extra skin, which leads to irritation, infection or adhesions of the skin to the head of the penis.

Special To The Japan Times. Oct 3, “Male Circumcision in Japan,” by Genaro Castro-Vazquez, assistant professor of Sociology at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, seeks to.

Circumcision is performed on the child's eighth day of life, including the day of the birth. Who performs it: The mohel, a religious Jew educated in Jewish law and in the circumcision ritual. Before circumcision, the doctor who will perform the procedure will review the informed consent.

This is a discussion of the reasons for circumcision, the benefits, risks, and alternatives, and ensures that the parents understand what will happen during the procedure. There are a few situations that may cause a circumcision to be delayed. The Book of Genesis records circumcision as part of the Abrahamic covenant with Yahweh (God).

Circumcision was common, although not universal, among ancient Semitic people. Herodotus, writing in the 5th century BCE, lists the Colchians, Ethiopians, Phoenicians, and Syrians as circumcising cultures. Circumcision, the operation of cutting away all or part of the foreskin (prepuce) of the penis.

The origin of the practice is unknown, although the widespread distribution of circumcision as a ritual suggests great antiquity. Circumcision is generally viewed by anthropologists as a practice through. The rite of circumcision signified admission of the boy at the age of puberty into the rank of priesthood, as "web" (the Egyptian for "pure" or "holy"), the mother's presence being considered especially necessary.

In Biblical literature the rite is incidental to the recognition of heirship, and to the adoption of a new name (Gen. xvii. QUESTIONING CIRCUMCISION: A JEWISH PERSPECTIVE is the first critical examination of the growing controversy of male infant circumcision with special attention to contemporary concerns of the Jewish community.

Endorsed by five rabbis among others, this extraordinary book examines the origins, assumed benefits, risks, and unrecognized consequences of the Jewish practice with thorough.

Circumcision is usually performed on the first or second day after birth. (Among the Jewish population, circumcision is done on the eighth day.) The procedure becomes more complicated and riskier. Mohel.

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A mohel is a Jew trained in the practice of brit milah, the "covenant of circumcision."According to traditional Jewish law, in the absence of a grown free Jewish male expert, anyone who has the required skills is also authorized to perform the circumcision, provided that they are Jewish.

However, most streams of non-Orthodox Judaism allow female mohels, called mohalot (Hebrew. When Allison Finch, a year-old mother of five from Houston, had her first son, inshe had him circumcised before taking him home.

But the circumcision. Later, on the phone, she says, “No, Mother, it’s too late now at this age.” She listens to her mother’s response and says, “That’s Dad’s generation!” This is a step forward: circumcision is condemned as a bygone thing.

Adam One of the earlier episodes, before Jim's son was born. Jim said that he had painted a room for the boy.The history of circumcision has such a strong identification with Judaism that it's easy to think the practice got its start in the Torah, but it's believed that Jews were exposed to the custom by the ancient Egyptians, who practiced it for thousands of years before the birth of Christ.

How To Properly Care For Your Sons Wounds After Circumcision: How do I properly care for my sons wounds after circumcision? VideojugFamilyEducation. Nandi circumcision. Judith Wells. The Truth About Circumcision. Stefan Molyneux. HIV/AIDS - Male Circumcision. Decaytruculent. Epi Circumcision.